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Water Dispenser

Some Interesting Facts About a Water Dispenser

It might seem as if information about a water dispenser in a Toronto home or office is straightforward, but you may be surprised at what interesting facts reveal. By better understanding the incredible benefits of a home water dispenser or office water dispenser, there is a good chance that you will switch from tap water.

Cool Facts

For starters, instead of making a purchase, you might consider a water dispenser rental. Just like the photocopier, fax machine, and other things used on a daily basis within the work environment, quality water dispensers can be rented. Not only is this a great way to save money, it ensures that everyone has clean, healthy water to drink.

There is one interesting fact that you should know if you are interested in a water dispenser for the office. During the hours spent at work each day, many people perform computer work, analytical work, and various other tasks that require significant attention. However, even slight dehydration can have a profound impact on mental alertness. Providing employees with fresh and healthy water boosts alertness, which in turn increases productivity.

Whether using a dispenser in the workplace or a water dispenser in the home, this is an environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic water bottles. For instance, drinking water from a dispenser helps reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the ocean, landfills, and on the streets. There are other environmental benefits as well. Water dispensers take a bite out of the more than 17 million barrels of oil used annually to produce plastic water bottles.

It is also important to note that with a filtered water dispenser, people become healthier. Based on current statistics, tap water contains roughly 2,100 unique toxin variations, including lead, chlorine, giardia, bacteria, and more. Drinking filtered water from a dispenser prevents these toxins from entering the body. As a result, various illnesses are prevented and health-related problems are dramatically reduced.

Even the taste and smell of water is improved. Because a water dispenser in a Toronto home or office removes contaminants, water has a fresher and cleaner taste, not to mention smell. This alone encourages people to drink more throughout the day. While this is beneficial for adults, it is also great for growing children and teens.

To guarantee that you purchase or rent the highest quality water dispenser in Toronto for your home or business, we would love the opportunity to help. Just Pure Water is a family-owned business that always puts the customer first. For information or to schedule an appointment with a team expert, please contact us.

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